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Temporary Floor Graphics

Dress Up Your Court on those Special Nights

December 22, 2023

Temporary Floor Graphics are made of specially formulated vinyl. The adhesive is designed to stick firmly when applied to wood gym floor finishes but will easily release when it is time to remove, assuring a clean removal. The floor graphic will not peel finish or leave any residue. It is also laminated with afilm that has the same slip coefficient as the floor finish, making it safe for the athletes.

If you attended or saw pictures from the girls' or boys' Ohio High School State basketball tournament games at Dayton University last year, the OHSAA logos that were on the floor were supplied by The Ohio Floor Company and were made with the same material I am promoting here.


  • Specialty Games, such as Senior Nights, Military Appreciation, Breast Cancer Awareness, etc.
  • Game Sponsorship
  • Honor a Local Hero or Friend of the School
  • Promote School Spirit
  • Fundraising
  • And MANY MORE!

There is a lot of flexibility in the decals. We have some basic designs, but you can customize the designs to meet your needs or style. There are three basic size categories:

  • 1-16 Square Feet which cost $160.00 each
  • 17-24 Square feet which cost $190.00 each
  • 25-32 Square Feet which cost $220.00 each
  • Anything larger than 32 Square Feet will be quoted per project

There could be some extra design costs if we are designing a layout from scratch, but there is no extra cost if you provide a usable vector file of design elements.

If you have any questions or would like to start an order, please feel free to give me a call. My office number is 330.567.2176, ask to speak to Larry.