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how to clean & maintain your hardwood gym floor

Mistakes are Expensive

Save time and money by trusting your wood and portable floor maintenance to the professionals. Well maintained floors, especially when completed by a flooring expert, will last years longer than a neglected or DIY’d floor.

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Don't try to DIY if you:
  • Lack maintenance staff
  • Lack adequate equipment
  • Lack flooring experience
poor maintenance can:
  • Damage floors
  • Create bald spots
  • Remove years of life


When it comes to your sports floor, most organizations inadvertently take years off their lifespan because they don’t have the resources and expertise to properly maintain them. With our maintenance program, we provide professional maintenance so that you get the most out of your floor and save money in the long run.

Our yearly professional maintenance plan takes the guess work out of scheduling and gives you one less thing to worry about.

Benefits of professional
Yearly maintenance

A reconditioned floor every year

This means one less thing to worry about and added years to your floor’s lifespan.

Free up time for maintenance staff

By hiring professionals to maintain your floor once a year, your maintenance staff can focus on other areas that need attention.

Save money over time

When seen as a 10-20 year investment, a brand new floor with professional maintenance will save you money.

Consistent cost

Lock in your annual plan cost when you sign a 3-5 year contract, making it easier to budget for floor maintenance.

Your new gym floor is waiting

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Complete the work on your schedule
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For Maintenance that's better
than "good enough".


Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation for fixing any problem that arises. That confidence is the key to the long-term relationships we enjoy.


We have years of experience working with organizations across the country and around the globe.


Our team pushes the boundaries on what’s possible to do on wooden floors.


Get direct access to your service rep. No unanswered emails and waiting lines here.


Many of our clients have hard deadlines. Our team, facilities and experience allow us to deliver on tight deadlines.


Keep your portable floor safe during the off-season by storing it in our secure storage facility.

Be certain it'll get
done right

Our facilities allow us to work on multiple floors at once, which means that we can stick to even the most aggressive time frame.

We’re a service company first and a flooring company second. Since 1984, we’ve been evolving our products and expertise, while maintaining our original values.  We get things done right the first time, and we provide solutions you can count on at every turn.

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Save money with professionally
maintained floors

Get a maintenance plan
professionally maintained floor
Covered by our warranty
Sign up for a yearly maintenance plan, locking in annual rates when you sign a 3-5 year contract.
Start every season with a fresh and well maintained floor for your athletes.
Your floor is covered by our 100% promise. We always make it right.
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