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From gymnasium floor graphics to wall hangings, The Ohio Floor Company can provide you with show stopping graphics. Our team pays attention to all the important details when creating and installing your custom graphics. Each graphic has its own purpose to help your gym stand out, check them out and find what best fits your needs.

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west holmes knights vinyl graphic


Temporary Floor Graphics are made of specially formulated vinyl. The adhesive is designed to stick firmly when applied to wood gym floor finishes but easily release when it is time to remove, assuring a clean removal. The floor graphic will not peel finish or leave any residue. It is also laminated with a film that has the same slip coefficient as floor finish, making it safe for athletes.

Standard Sizes: 4’ x 4’ 4’ x 6’ 4’ x 8’

Ideas For Temporary Floor Graphic Use:

  • Specialty games, such as Senior Nights, Military Appreciation, Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Game sponsorship
  • Honor a local hero or friend of the school
  • Promote school spirit
  • Fundraising
  • And many more!


The Ohio Floor Company supplies three types of custom dry-erase boards for your locker rooms and coaching staff.

Types Of Boards
All boards will have an exact replica of your floor layout.

  • Small, double-sided coaches board to be used on sidelines during games: The main side has your floor layout, backside is a plain white dry-erase board (Approximately 11” x 17”)
  • Single-sided wall mounted locker room board (Approximately 4’ x 8’)
  • Double-sided board on wheels. These boards have the flexibility of being used in the locker room or moved to the gym during practice. One side will have your floor layout while the other side can be customized to whatever is useful for your coaching staff. Some boards we have done in the past have a custom chart or a small half court of your floor and open space for notes on the reverse side of the board (Approximately 4’ x 8’)


Custom wall hangings are an exact replica of your floor layout. Sizes include:

  • 18” x 33” (graphic size) with a solid maple border
  • 20” x 30” canvas in wood frames (used for most college floors)
  • 16” x 32” canvas in wood frames (used for most high school floors)

The Ohio Floor Company wall hangings and keepsake blocks can be used as gifts or fundraiser items for your school. A replica of your floor can be signed by players or coaches as an added benefit to increase value.


Keepsake blocks are made of genuine maple flooring covered with an exact replica of your floor layout. As stated below, the blocks can be given as gifts or sold as a fundraiser.

The blocks cost about $5.00 or less (depending on the amount ordered) per block. We suggest a retail value of $10.00-$20.00, allowing you to make between $5.00 and $16.00 per block. Sell 600 blocks and make $16.00 per block and increase your budget by $9,600.

The Ohio Floor Company wall hangings and keepsake blocks can be used as gifts or fundraiser items for your school. A replica of your floor can be signed by players or coaches as an added benefit to increase value.

Heat Applied Wall Graphics/WALL BANNERS

The Ohio Floor Company now offers an alternative to painted wall logos and graphics! Have your school mascot, company sponsors, team or individual picture, or anything else you can dream up put on the walls of your gym, locker rooms, weight rooms, hallways, or entrances. The Ohio Floor Company can customize any wall surface with vinyl wall graphics for a fraction of the cost of paint, without compromising the look.

Graphics Available:

  • Heat applied wall vinyl
  • Wall banners for gym walls that are not able to have traditional wall graphics


Graphics on major college and professional franchise floors have become more detailed over the years. You often see multiple-colored mascots with life-like features, camouflaged boards and accents, faded designs, and many more. For these major entities in the basketball world, money is not the same factor as it is for the small colleges and high schools. The cost of having one of these “crazy” graphics painted on your floor is just too much for your budget. The Ohio Floor Company has developed a process of applying vinyl on your gym floor and then finishing over it, making it a permanent part of your gym, and it looks like it was painted on. The graphic can be printed on vinyl, and easily applied on your floor, making the cost lower and allowing you the opportunity to invest in more amazing things for your floor.

This same vinyl can be applied on your locker room floors, hallway floors, or gym entrances, and normal wax can be applied over it, making it a permanent part of your facility.


Do you have large windows at your facility that let in too much light? Or maybe they create a privacy issue?

We can help with this issue, by installing our applied Perforated Window Graphics on exterior windows, reducing the impact of the hot sun and thus improving the conditions, as well as adding to the appeal of your building. We have also applied Perforated Window Graphics on the exterior windows of a school’s cafeteria. Protecting students from the hot sun, making the cafeteria more private, while again improving the exterior look of the facility. The Ohio Floor Company will also apply Perforated Window Graphics on interior windows. Our team worked on a project for a school that had them applied to the library/study hall windows which helped students use these spaces while eliminating the distraction of people in the hallways. It was also a way to dress up the interior of the school.

Perforated Window Graphics can be applied on virtually any window and is an inexpensive way to dress up the exterior and interior of your facility while improving the conditions of the space.


To learn more or get a quote, call The Ohio Floor Company at 800.840.4176

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