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synthetic floor of a track


There are three main categories in the world of Synthetic Sports Flooring: Poured Urethane, Cushion Vinyl, and Weight Room. There are main floor choices in each category and The Ohio Floor Company can supply you with most of them. We are a company that can provide the physical floor system as well as the painting of lines and graphics on your floor.

Poured Urethane



Icon Multisport is a synthetic floor system that gives you a non-porous, seamless, smooth, and consistent surface. This is a 4-layer system that starts with a Basemat Shock Pad layer, which is a resilient and flexible layer with consistent thickness. That is topped with two Urethane Seal Coats that assure true dual durometer performance. The third layer is a 2MM Poured Urethane Surface that gives you a durable wear layer that can withstand a variety of uses. Lastly the Topcoat Layer, is a VOC Compliant waterbase matte finish creating a low maintenance and consistent surface for athletic play. Icon Multisport comes in a variety of base colors that will meet most customer needs, but you can also request custom colors for that special look.

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Cushion Vinyl


omnisport lightomnisport dark

Omnisport is a synthetic floor system that gives you great options. From your walking/leisure/wellness area to your true multi-purpose space to your competition floor, Omnisport has a synthetic floor to meet your every need. Every Omnisport option has a 6-layer construction. Starting with a 3-layer base or performance layer that gives it shock absorption and stability. Next is a printed layer that gives you dynamic colors and realistic textures. Then there is a wear layer that gives you durability and protection. Lastly, is a top protection layer that gives the floor a great feel and easy maintenance. The makeup of each layer along with thickness is changed to best meet the needs of your space. With the many arrays of colors and the multiple options Omnisport Synthetic Floor Systems offer, it is a great choice.

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Weight Room

Drop Zone Speckle

drop zone speckle

DropZone Speckle is a blend of recycled rubber and EPDM rubber chips creating a surface pattern that looks like continuous solid flooring. The standard 8mm thickness provides the traction, sound installation, and durability needed for your weight/exercise room. DropZone Speckle comes in interlocking tiles, straight edge tiles and rolls. The variety of styles makes DropZone Speckle adaptable to your facility or preference.

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Drop Tile 1'' Heavy Duty

drop tiledrop tile

Looking for that perfect weight and fitness room floor, 1” Heavy Duty DropTile is your answer. Made in the U.S.A. from 90% recycled tire rubber and post-consumer recycled rubber making it a product you can feel good about using.
Its 1” thick resilient athletic surface coupled with its load displacement bottom layer makes this floor system very comfortable for the athlete. It is ideal for heavy duty exercise equipment and free weights. Resistant to damage from dropping heavy weights. Six standard colors with custom color options.

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