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North Ridgeville Middle School

July 19, 2023

The Ohio Floor Company and C.T. Taylor Company joined forces to install two gym floors in the North Ridgeville Middle School.

C.T. Taylor was contracted to build the new North Ridgeville Middle School. In this new building the North Ridgeville School District took the opportunity to improve their athletic facilities. The new school building would have a 12,470 square foot wood gym floor that would be used for high school sports along with a 12,130 square foot poured urethane gym floor to be used as an auxiliary and community gym floor.

The Ohio Floor Company was contracted to install both gym floors. The wood floor system used on this project was an ARS DIN system. This included 6 mil plastic moister barrier, ARS DIN plywood sleepers spaced 16” on center, one layer of 9/16” plywood stapled to the sleepers, and 2-1/4” second grade maple (crushbead profile with no expansion joints) on top of the plywood.

The auxiliary/community gym floor was installed adjacent to the wood floor so special attention was needed to make sure the two floor height profiles matched. To achieve this the poured urethane floor was prepared as follows: Concrete subfloor was buffed with a diamond buffing wheel and all cracks skim coated. The concrete edges were built up with Ardex to a height of a ¼” below wood floor height. Then an ElastiPlus 9mm floor with high-density basemat was installed using Stuaf R701 adhesive. To complete the poured urethane floor two scratch coats were installed along with a wear coat and an Arid Bronze topcoat.

One issue that arose during the planning stage was the fact that the auxiliary/community floor was going to need to support roll away bleaches on one section of it when high school games were played on the wood floor. In the original plan a different synthetic floor system was being specked that did not have the ability to support the roll away bleachers. The Ohio Floor Company realized the error and worked with C.T. Taylor and the North Ridgeville school district to fix the problem. The fix was to install the poured urethane system. Not only did the new system that was installed fix the weight issue but also saved the North Ridgeville school district money, because the poured urethane system was less expensive.

This project is a great example of the work The Ohio Floor Company can do to make sure its clients get the best flooring systems to meet their specific needs. We have the experience and expertise to help guide our clients as they plan their projects. We are always focused on doing the job right, getting our clients what they need at the best possible price.