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Claymont High School, Uhrichsville, OH

I am excited to talk to you about one of our featured projects – The Re-sanding of Claymont High School’s gymnasium. This project is a great example of what our team can do for a school and community.

Our relationship with Claymont High School is a typical occurrence for us here at The Ohio Floor Company. A school finds itself in a position of having a floor that has a lot of “age.” It’s not uncommon to come across a gym floor that has not been sanded for 20, 30, or maybe 40 years. The paint is faded, the logos are outdated, the finish is chipped and slippery, and the wood may be in need of repair because of scratches, dents, or dead spots. Face it, we all can relate to getting old and worn out, in need of a makeover and repair. That is where The Ohio Floor Company can help. We have been sanding gym floors for over 30 years. Specializing in floor repair, sanding, painting, and finishing gym floors. There are very few things that surprise us when it comes to gym floors, with our 30+ years in the business we have seen it all.

The Claymont High School gym project was just that type of project for us. The gym needed a makeover, and some love and care to bring it back to life.

Our sanding crew took the time to sand off all the old built-up finish, in the process removing all the old lines and logos, taking the floor down to bare wood. Making it perfectly flat and taking it back to a new floor condition, and a great surface for the athletes. The fact that the floor is taken down to bare wood, means it’s a blank canvas for a new modern look.

Our painting crew was able to provide the school with a stained playing surface. Which was not an option when the floor was originally sanded all those years ago. We also gave them a modern stained logo across the center of the playing surface, which had not been updated for years. Our team painted a nice two-color border around the court with Claymont’s name and mascot, adding a nice touch to the new floor design. In recent years many schools have done away with cross-court lines in the main playing court, helping to simplify the look, which we did at Claymont.

In conclusion, The Ohio Floor Company was able to use its experience to help Claymont High School take its old, tired gym floor and bring it back to life. Creating a new and safe playing surface for its athletes while updating the look, and making it a space that the whole community can be proud of.