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More Than Just Gym Floors

August 23, 2023

The Ohio Floor Company has been in the gym floor business for 39 years.  We have grown and learned a few things in those 39 years.  We have learned that you must keep up with technology or you will be passed by. We have also learned that new technologies can sometimes open new doors for the company, if you are willing to stretch your mind, and walk into new territories.  

Here at The Ohio Floor Company, we have done just that.  About twelve years ago we invested in a plotter, a machine that helps with producing stencils for graphics.  This allows us to create much better graphics.  Over the years we have added other technologies in the field of graphics arts with the goal of bettering our gym floor graphics.

A by-product of this is we can now offer our customers other graphic art products.  We have helped schools dress up their locker rooms with vinyl floor and wall graphics.  We have supplied and installed perforated window graphics on industrial arts and cafeteria windows, and solid window graphics to create privacy for library windows to name a few projects.

So I would like you to now think of The Ohio Floor Company for more than just a great gym floor company, we now can be your vinyl graphics supplier as well.