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Wow! Check Out That Gym Floor

July 19, 2023

As you know gym floor graphics have really gone crazy in the last decade. We can remember the days when painting the keys, center circle, or a border around the gym floor was considered cutting edge. If you wanted to get really fancy, you could add a block letter in the center of the floor or block letters along the baselines. Boy how times have changed.

Here at The Ohio Floor Company, we pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of gym floor graphics

What have we been up to?

We have developed a staining process that will provide our customers with a high-quality look. Staining maple flooring is not an easy task. Maple is used on gym floors because of its denseness. But the thing that makes it perfect for use on gym floors also makes it difficult to stain. Because it is so dense it does not receive stain very well, often causing a blotchy or uneven look. Over the years we have perfected a technique to ensure an even look. We have stained entire floors, three-point areas, keys, boarders, and logos. We can offer our customers almost any stain color you desire. We have worked with shades of black, gray, white, red, blue, green, maroon, and others. Staining gives the floor a deeper look than paint, showing the true nature of the wood, rather than covering it up with paint.

We still do a lot of painting but have taken that process to a new level as well. We have developed a process of fading paint. We can go from one color to another seamlessly, you cannot tell where one color stops and the next one begins. Going from bright yellow to bright green, or from red to blue. Again, if you can dream it, we can make it happen.

Size and detail have progressed as well. In time past putting a small one-color graphic of your mascot was super cool. Now we decorate floors with oversized multicolored detail graphics. Mascots breaking out of the floor, is a very cool effect we have done. Oversized mascots, like at Indiana Tech, where we stained a 46’ x 58’ Warrior on their floor. Adding “City Scapes” along the sidelines, and many more cool things. For more examples of what we can do check out our Gallery at

What next in the world of graphics?

We are developing a process to use vinyl graphics on your gym floor. This will make large detail graphics more affordable. When correctly done vinyl graphics look like paint. Giving your gym floor the traditional look, but with greater detail and a cost that makes sense.

Here at The Ohio Floor Company we find great satisfaction in providing our customers with cutting edge graphics, helping to make your schools stand out from the rest.