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Fundamentals of Floor Care

August 23, 2023

As a new school year starts there will be many new seasons starting for your coaching staffs.  I am sure they all state the same, the coaches go back to the fundamentals.  In order to have a winning season all good coaches know a foundation built on good fundamentals is a winning formula.  

Well, it is a new school year/season for your maintenance staff as well.  A great way to the year/season is to go back to the basics.  It never hurts to go over best practices on caring for your gym floor.  The Ohio Floor Company has made teaching the basics of gym floor care easy.  We have two video that show best practices on gym floor care posted on our website.  Please use these references to help take your team back to the fundamentals.  Start the year/season off right and avoid the midseason slumps and late season collapse.