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Unmatched Quality: Why Vinyl Floor Graphics Reign Supreme

April 17, 2024

Painting gym floor graphics has been the standard for a hundred years. But as the graphics get more and more sophisticated, painting them is getting harder.

Teams are wanting multi-colored designs, faded designs, designs that look like water, you name it, and they are wanting it on the floor. It takes skilled painters to create the designs. Even the most skilled professionals are finding it hard to get a realistic, crisp look.

The answer to the problem is vinyl floor graphics. The high-tech printers that are on the market make the production of wild graphics possible. You can put any design into the computer system and the printer can produce a flawless graphic.

The graphic can then be placed on the floor during the painting stage of the floor finishing process. This can be done at the same time as the lines and other painting is done. The graphic is then finished over, just like any paint, making it a permanent part of the floor.

What used to take days to paint can now be done in a day. This used to require a highly skilled painter. Now a well-trained flooring professional can install them with ease.

Vinyl floor graphics is the latest innovation in floor design. Here at The Ohio Floor Company, we are staying on the cutting edge of the process. Ask your flooring salesman about using vinyl floor graphics on your next project.