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Salvation Army of Canton

The Salvation Army was looking for an update to their existing gym floor. They needed a surface that would be durable and versatile for their multi-use facility. The challenge we faced on this project was that the new floor would be installed on top of the existing VCT tile floor, which meant that there needed to be extensive preparation to the old floor. The existing floor tiles were in poor shape, with some tiles cracked or missing.

Our first step was to assess the old floor and then recommend the right product for the new flooring. It was determined that Elasti Plus Pad/Poured Urethane was the best option for the Salvation Army. This system could be easily installed right overtop of the existing floor, which eliminated the need to remove the old floor. The other benefit of the Elasti Plus system is that it has a seamless, durable finish, which is ideal for a multi-use facility.

The new floor is completely flat, durable, and its installation saved the Salvation Army time and money. The Salvation Army was so pleased with their experience that they hired us to install new Century Pebble Rectangle flooring in their main entrance, offices, hallways, and basement areas.