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Gym Floor Refinishing: The Ohio Floor Company Way

February 26, 2024

Many companies across the United States offer gym floor refinishing, and most of them do a good job. But few have the experience and knowledge to refinish your gym floor like The Ohio Floor Company does.

We have been refinishing gymnasium floors for 40 years. And through the years, we have refinished over a thousand floors. We service Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Hundreds of high schools, colleges, and universities trust us with their gym's proper maintenance.

We refinish solid wood gym floors. We also finish portable gym floors for major colleges and universities. We also work with professional sports teams.

As a flooring contractor, you don't get to work with this many customers by just doing a good job. You have to go above and beyond the customers' expectations.

The process is much more than sanding your hardwood floor down to bare wood. Proper sanding of gym flooring requires removing the smallest amount of wood surface possible. This will extend the life of your floor.

Our Process

Our experienced crews will get your playing surface flat while only removing 1/32" of your floor. This means the refinishing process will not harm your floor. But getting the floor flat is critical

Sanding your floor flat is just the beginning of the process. Once the surface is flat and safe for athletes, The Ohio Floor Company's real expertise will shine. Your salesmen and our experienced design team will walk you through the design process. We will customize the lining and artwork that will set your floor apart from all the rest.

Over the years our team has developed the skills needed to make the artwork on your gym floor standout. We can custom stain your floor, from traditional browns to your unique school colors. We'll stain game lines, letters, boarders, keys, three-point areas or your entire playing service.

We also specialize in oversized graphics; no graphic is too large or complicated for us. We also have the ability to use vinyl to produce graphics on your floor. This is a great way to give your sports facility an amazing look while remaining within your budget.

To finish off your sports floor refinishing project, our expert crews will apply a topcoat. This often involves multiple coats of finish. This is important to finish off the look and produce the safest possible playing surface.

We have experience with all types of water-based and oil-based gym finishes. We can use the finish that meets your unique needs.

So, the next time you are ready for a gym floor refinishing project, give us a call. We are ready and able to bring your old, tired gym back to life with a new look and safe playing surface.