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Clinton Massie High School

October 20, 2023

Clinton Massie High School is located near Clarksville in the southwest county of Clinton, Ohio.  It has around 299 boys and 268 girls enrolled each year.  It is currently a member of the South Buckeye Athletic/Academic Conference.

The Ohio Floor Company partnered with the Clinton-Massie Athletic Department to rebrand their main gymnasium this past summer.  The project was centered around the resurfacing of the gym.  

The project starts with a dedicated sales team member working with the athletic department to work out the scope of the project.  Once the scope of the project is determined, the salesman gets the scheduling and graphics arts department involved.  Our scheduler works with the athletic department to work out the best time to start the work based on both their and our availability, at this time the completion date is also worked out.  The scheduler works hard to do his best to keep the school's schedule in mind, working around the athletic department needs.

While this is happening our graphics arts department begins the design process.  This process is a back and forth evert with the athletic department and dedicated salesman.  The dedicated salesman goes over basic game lines as well as any cross court and specialty lines the school may need.  The school also supplies our graphics arts division their ideas for floor lettering, center logo, and other design features of the floor.  Our designers take these ideas and work on a floor layout incorporating the design elements provided by the school, providing their expertise in design to enhance the overall look.  This process can take some back and forth with floor layout proofs sent and edited until a final design is established.  

In this case Clinton-Massie had the desire to create a large Falcon as the center piece of their new floor design.  This Falcon was to be an oversized center logo, stretching from the top of each three-point line and going from both volleyball sidelines.  The Falcon would be designed with both stain and paint elements.  Other design elements the school added to their new court were stained three-point areas, painted border and keys, letters in the baseline border, as well as a sponsorship logo and court naming logo honoring a beloved coach.  

The actual work follows the following process.  It starts with a sanding crew coming in and removing the old paint and finish.  Sanding the wood to a flat surface.  Once the sanding is completed, they hand the job off to a highly skilled painting and sanding crew.  The staining elements of the project are completed first, because staining is done on the bare wood.  Once the staining is completed the crew seals the entire floor with two coats of gym floor sealer.  Once the sealer is dry, they come back in and paint any game lines, cross court and specialty lines, lettering, and other elements in the floor design.  Once the staining and painting crew has finished their work the last crew shows up to apply the final two topcoats of finish.

The whole process is months in the making from first contact with the salesman, through scheduling and design, to actual work being completed.  But our highly skilled team is with you through the entire project, using their expertise to make it as pain free as possible.

Take a look at the before and after pictures and see the dramatic transformation of this rebranding project.  The new floor is a great sense of pride for the Clinton-Massie school and community.  Here at The Ohio Floor Company we also take pride in the part we played in making this transformation happen.