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Boone County Basketball League

July 19, 2023

The Ohio Floor Company Helps Boone County Basketball League Upgrade Their Portable Gym Floor at The Madison Civic Center

Kevin Harper, the head coach of the Scott High School girls' basketball team as well as the board president of the Boone County Basketball League, has a heart for the community of Madison West Virginia. He is especially dedicated to the youth of Boone County. The Boone County Basketball League uses the Madison Civic Center as its home for the basketball league that gives about 400 kids a year a place to master the game of basketball.

The floor that was being used at the Madison Civic Center was originally donated to the City of Madison by the Charleston Civic Center in the late 1960's or early 1970's, making the floor around 70 years old. We all know that after 70 years things wear out and the old gym floor at the Madison Civic Center is no exception.

Kevin had spent about three years researching what it would take to upgrade the old floor. In this research he discovered that a new portable floor would cost around $180,000, a price the city and the league just could not take on. Then Kevin got in contact with The Ohio Floor Company.

Kevin Harper connected with Kevin Miller of The Ohio Floor Company, and the two Kevin's got to work on solving the problem of getting the Madison Civic Center and the Boone County Basketball League a new floor.

The Ohio Floor Company works with Connor Sports, the official basketball court supplier to the NCAA March Madness Tournament, suppling portable basketball courts used during the March Madness Tournament each year. Miller was able to help Harper buy one of the floors used during the tournament at a reduced price. In essence they got a brand-new floor, which was used for a single weekend during the tournament. After trading in the old floor, the "like-new" floor was purchased at around a $100,000 savings.

The Ohio Floor Company worked with the Boone County Basketball League to retro fit the floor to the Madison County Civic Center, adding much needed safety features to prevent tripping hazards that had existed with the old floor. The floor was sanded, removing the NCAA logos, and painted with Boone County Basketball League logos. The floor now reflects its new owners and can be a source of pride for the league and the community it serves.

"Honestly, the floor is down right now and sometimes I go there and just look at it," Mr. Harper said with a laugh. "We essentially got a nice, modern new floor for a fraction of its value. We couldn't be happier."

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