Stop damaging your floor


Free up time and resources

Greater Longevity

Get more life out of your floor

Updated Yearly

Enjoy a reconditioned floor every year

Stop floor damage

Mistakes are expensive

Your maintenance staff has more than enough work to keep them busy — don’t give them more to do! On top of their already busy schedules, maintenance workers often don’t have the necessary expertise to care for a specialty floor. Inexperienced hands can actually do more damage than good to a floor, so let The Ohio Floor Company professionals handle the maintenance for you.
Poor maintenance can
  • damage floors
  • create bald spots
  • remove years of life
Don’t try to DIY if you:
  • lack maintenance staff
  • lack adequate equipment
  • lack flooring expertise

How to Clean and Maintain Your Hardwood Gym Floor

Save Money

Yearly professional maintenance

When it comes to wood sports floors, most schools inadvertently take years off their lifespan because they don’t have the resources and expertise to properly maintain them. With our maintenance program, we provide professional maintenance so that you get the most out of your floor and save money in the long run.

Benefits of professional yearly maintenance

A reconditioned floor every year

Enjoy a reconditioned floor every year with our professional maintenance plan.

Free up time for maintenance staff

By hiring professionals to maintain your floor once a year, your maintenance staff can focus on other areas that need attention.

Save money over time

When seen as a 10-20 year investment, a brand new floor with professional maintenance will save you money.

Consistent cost

Lock in the yearly cost when you sign a 3-5 year contract.

Save money with professionally maintained floors


Get a maintenance plan

Sign up for a yearly maintenance plan.


Professionally maintained floor

Have your floor professionally maintained and in top shape every year.


Covered by our warranty

Your floor is covered by our 100% promise.

Trusted by hundreds of top schools

We are trusted with the NCAA Final Four Floor & 2,500,000 square feet of gym floor every year.