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More choices than ever

Are you losing customers?

When it comes to renting facilities for events, customers today have more options than ever. Gyms, civic centers, and churches are all competing to win customer loyalty — and the competition is fierce. It makes sense, then, that the best facilities win the most customers. If your floor and facilities aren’t top-of-the-line, potential customers will go elsewhere.

Consider this:

  • Customers are more choosy than ever;
  • Flooring no longer just needs to be functional, it needs to ‘wow’
  • The best facilities, churches, gyms, and civic centers get the lion’s share of business
Gary Schrock - Estimator
Trustworthy & Dependable

Do you have a flooring company you can trust?

Many flooring companies promise you the world but don’t deliver.

These companies stay in business by traveling from area to area where their poor reputation doesn’t proceed them. When it comes to flooring cheaper is not always better, but many in our industry don't operate with your best interests in mind. For something as vital to your business as flooring, it’s equally important for you to choose a partner you can trust.
Be on the lookout for:
  • Cheap flooring that doesn’t last
  • Unprofessional operations
  • Poor installations
  • No service for issues that come up
  • No warranty or promise
Connect with a specialist

Make your brand stand out

We understand that more than ever, there is intense pressure on owners to maintain a state-of-the-art facility in order to keep and attract customers. With that kind of expectation, it’s important to keep your facility looking its best without breaking the bank.

A custom solution

We create a custom flooring solution specifically designed for your budget and needs.

Design Center

Represent your brand with a stunning custom-made floor design.

Low maintenance

Synthetic flooring will last 15+ years with very little maintenance costs

The best way to update your synthetic flooring


Connect with a specialist

One of our synthetic sports floor specialists will connect with you to learn about your project.


On-site consultation

We come on-site to learn about your project. During this two hour visit, we’ll meet to hear your goals, take measurements, and go over the details.


Customized plan

Receive a detailed custom plan for your project, complete with artwork specs, delivery timeline, spec sheets, pricing, and physical samples.



Once you sign-off on the project, we do the work within the agreed timeframe, and then promise it.

Download the NCAA Final Four Case Study

Branding is more important than it’s ever been. It doesn’t matter if you have a professional sports team, a public civic center, or a high school gym — the truth remains the same.

15+ years of serving our customers with Synthetic Floors: