Why Ohio Floor?

Sports Flooring


At The Ohio Floor Company, we take great pride in partnering with a wide range of clients to install, maintain, and provide artwork for some of the finest gymnasium floors around. And we’re even more proud of the specific value we can offer to each customer.


If you’re the athletic director at a high school or college, we offer you unparalleled AESTHETICS on the walls and floor of your gymnasium. Whether you need game lines repainted or want to make sure that your logo, mascot, and team name look stunning, our design department and skilled painters can make your graphics come to life!


For churches and private schools that may be working with a more constrained budget, The Ohio Floor Company offers VALUE, brainstorming ways to install – and properly maintain – a well-engineered, durable floor product in a way that won’t break the bank.


We work alongside architects to help determine the floor system that best suits your design. With EXPERTISE in how various floors are built, how they perform, and which materials best meet required standards, we act as invaluable consultants and installers of floors that serve your clients’ most stringent requirements.


Contractors love working with The Ohio Floor Company because we’re known for our EFFICIENCY. We get the job done quickly and done right. We do what we say we’re going to do, which allows you to meet your deadlines.


When a facilities director for a tournament venue needs a quick floor for a temporary event, we offer a wide VARIETY of services and products, including portable floors that set up and tear down quickly. We’ve been placed in the elite group of sports surface finishers, (which includes only 3 companies in the country), entrusted with the privilege of finishing floors for the Men’s and Women’s NCAA Tournaments each year. Learn More about our involvement with the NCAA portable floors.


Regardless of the client – school, church, university or fitness center – we differentiate ourselves by establishing ongoing RELATIONSHIPS, not only installing your floors, but assisting with the ongoing care and upkeep up your investment through our annual maintenance plans.