DIN Rating

DIN CERTCO Association for Certifications of Conformity Ltd. is a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of DIN (German Institute for Standardization) Standards Body in Germany which is similar to the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) in the U.S.


din-art-1  Shock Absorption/Force Reduction

A floor with Force Reduction of 70% will absorb 70% of impact force and return 30% of that to the athlete.

Surface is compared to concrete (o-S.A) 53% minimum to pass DIN

  • 40 lb. weight is dropped from a set weight
  • 40 lb. weight strikes top of a stiff spring which rests on top of a load cell connected to a solid foot


din-art-2  Vertical Deflection

A measurement of the bending of a surface design at the point of impact

  • 40 lb. weight strikes a soft spring
  • Soft spring passed through a solid test foot to the surface
  • The surface must deflect 2.3 mm to pass DIN

din-art-3  Ball Rebound

Measurement of the rebound height of a ball as compared to the rebound height of a ball on concrete.

1.8 meters—10 drops

  • 90% minimum to pass DIN
  • Typically the softer the floor, the lower the rebound

din-art-4  Area Deflection

Less than 15% of floors pass DIN Isolate deflection for each athlete (end-user)

  • A measurement of the vertical deflection read in multiple directions at a distance of 20” from the point of impact