Specialty Services

The Ohio Floor Company takes great pride in our ability to provide some specialty services that many other flooring companies don’t. Whether you have a sports floor that needs some additional bells and whistles, or you’re a contractor who’d like to partner with us on your latest project, we’re ready and willing to help!


Logo Design and Painting: Your floors and walls will look stellar after we turn your logo into inspiring artwork. We can also provide you with the design files for future use.


Game Line Painting: Whether you need brand new lines or a touch-up on faded keys and borders, we handle even the most intricate work with skill.


Volleyball Inserts: We’re able to cut holes in your existing floor, in which volleyball sleeves can be installed.


Templates: We can provide vinyl templates to guide your painting of the walls and floors of your gym or auditorium.


Heat Seam Welding: Using heat, we can close the seams on your new vinyl or PVC flooring.


Take a look some of our amazing artistry by checking out the SPECIALTY SERVICES gallery!